The final stage of the County Durham Plan’s proposals to remove large chunks of land from the Durham Green Belt has been reached.  The Inspector has just  issued his Final Report; now Durham County Council simply need to consider that Report, presumably agree to make all the Modifications he requires for the Plan to be Sound, and formally Adopt the Plan as Modified, probably before the end of 2020.  The Inspector confirms the deletion of both the Northern and the Western Relief Roads, so the Green Belt is saved from the severe damage they would have caused.  Further, he requires the deletion of the strong hint that the County Council would in future be trying to have a major expansion of the Aykley Heads business park into the Green Belt.  But he has left the Sniperley Park and Sherburn Road housing allocations in the Plan, each a major loss of Green Belt.  His reasoning is that Durham City is where jobs growth will be considerable and the matching growth in new houses at Durham City is a more sustainable approach than spreading them beyond into surrounding towns and villages.  He does lay down landscaping requirements to make the boundaries of both sites defensible and permanent, and we must hope that further outward development of Durham City will be resisted.  All in all, campaigning to retain the Green Belt around Durham City has been worthwhile but Sniperley and Sherburn Road are two major defeats.  A final thank you to all of you for the concern and support you have given.