The County Durham Plan was finally approved on 21 October 2020.  The Sniperley Park and Sherburn Road housing allocations remain in the Plan, each a major loss of Green Belt.  But the "permanent" boundary of the green belt everywhere else is secure.  Or is it?


There are two recent challenges.  The first was at Fernhill, on the A167 near Whitesmocks.  The County Council itself had proposed removal of this parcel of land from the green belt in its Submitted Plan but we all objected and the Inspector agreed with us.  This enabled the County Planning Committee to finally decide a long-standing application for four luxury houses to be built there.  They turned it down because the land had very recently been confirmed after proper examination to be part of the green belt.  Cheers all round!   There may be an appeal of course.

The second challenge is a current application for the construction at Shincliffe Garden Centre of four holiday cabins each made out of pairs of shipping containers.  No, I am not making this up.  There is strong opposition from the village, and we have put in an objection on behalf of the Friends of the Durham Green Belt.  We must hope that Durham County Council resists this second challenge attempting to nibble away at the green belt.  Here is the press release issued by Shincliffe residents: