The County Local Plan

What is Durham County Council’s Plan for the Green Belt?

The County Council's submitted County Durham Local Plan proposed the building of 4,000 houses and two relief roads in the Green Belt. The Plan used high forecasts of population, housing and traffic growth for the County and allocated land in the Green Belt to accommodate this high growth.

That submitted Plan was withdrawn following a legal review. The County Council has embarked on drawing up a new Plan, in three main stages, originally with the intention of submitting the new County Local Plan by December 2017.

The first stage was called Issues and Options, and public consultations were held in the summer of 2016. Some of the Options put forward by the County Council involved loss of Green Belt but others did not. 


The next stage was the  "Preferred Options" consultation ending 3rd August 2018. This set out the chosen 'direction of travel' towards the policies to be adopted for the future development of County Durham.   

Now we have the Pre-Submission Draft County Plan - not a lot has changed!  All relevant previous comments must be made afresh, plus any new ones,in order to ensure they get to the Independent Inspector who will rule on the Plan.